The True Story of Custer's Last Fight



M. I. McCREIGHT (Tchanta Tanka)

Alliance Press

Publishers, New York

Copyright 1936, By M. I. McCreight

All Rights Reserved


Chapter 1
Chief Flying Hawk's Tales

Chapter 2
The Story of Chief Flying Hawk's Life

Chapter 3
New Amsterdam

Chapter 4
The Custer Fight

Chapter 5
The Chief Tells of Red Cloud and Red Cloud's Speech

Chapter 6 
Wounded Knee

Chapter 7
Sitting Bull

Chapter 8
The Last Sun Dance


Chief Flying Hawk at 62
As Troop Commander, Headquarters Troop, 7th Cavalry, U. S. Army, stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas, I am interested in the completion of history outlining the misfortunes this Regiment encountered while under the command of General Custer at the battle of Little Big Horn. I have read the manuscript of the old Indian Chief telling his experiences, in company with his cousin, Crazy Horse, in that historic affair. It is something new, and I think it is important because it helps clear up the fog of mystery, which for sixty years, has clouded the happenings and sustained the controversy regarding that unfortunate military disaster.

It is well known that Crazy Horse had a leading part in the fight; he led the Sioux in nearly every contest with U. S. Troops during the strenuous days following the Bozeman Trail troubles, and he was never conquered; his fame increases with the passing of time; for him the only monument erected by the Government, was placed recently, to mark the spot where he met a sad and untimely death, at Fort Robinson. Cousin and constant chum of the war chief, the author of this account of the fight gives us a story that merits the serious consideration of every fair-minded reader.

Personal acquaintance with the author of the book; his early day experiences on the frontier; his intimate acquaintance and long intercourse with Indians, justifies me in believing that a grateful public will read Flying Hawk's Tales with more than ordinary delight and satisfaction.

JOHN P. SCOTT, Captain, 7th Cavalry.
Fort Bliss, Texas, April, 1936.

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