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Stumpfs and Stumps over three centuries

Tracing ancestors is a much simpler, faster undertaking than it was even 30 years ago. That is, as long as those ancestors had reason to write, or to be photographed, or to record life events such as births, marriages, deaths. But there is still a bit of fuzziness as to the first immigration from Germany, or Switzerland. Gathered here are those few records and hints of various Stumps and Stumpfs who lived here over the past 300 years.

The Reverend Adam Stump, D.D., sits for the camera, undoubtedly a Bible in his hands. He lived from 1854 to 1922, mostly in York County, PA. To his right is his mother, Mary Geesey Stump, 1829-1907. She was married to Adam Stump ("senior") who lived from 1829 to 1907. Adam Stump
Mary Geesey Stump
glee club RN Stumpf 1913
From the Susquehanna University yearbook of 1913, please welcome the Boys' Glee Club!
Note R.N. Stumpf in the top row, third from left.  He lived from 1888 to 1984.

Earl and Orlena Stumpf

This was the farm of Adam Stump (1829-1907) and his son John Henry Stump (1871-1943). John Henry was the brother of Rev. Adam Stump, who was the father of Raymond Neff Stumpf.


Marked "Chaplain" - Adam Stump - ?location or year?

cigar store

Raymond Neff Stumpf as a young man; this was a posed portrait in a cigar store, possibly in York, PA.

Theda Louisa Stumpf, 1891-1909

    ...and on the flip side...
Robert Adam Stumpf, perhaps two to three years old, in Verona, PA. Born in 1925, making this photo around 1927-28.

The photo further to the right is undated, but he never outgrew the curly hair.
Miss Florence Stumpf in 1942
Miss Florence Stumpf conducting a combined chorus of Tampa public school students in the Municipal Auditorium in 1942



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