Many individuals were eager to serve in various capacities. The following was given by the Township Office:


Paul Book - until Dec. 1959
Floyd Spear - until Dec. 1961
James Campbell - Sup. and Sec. - Dec. 1934 - Dec. 1963
" - Jan. 1964 - Jan. 1968
Ben Gault - Jan. to Aug. 1960
Robert Dick - Aug. 1960 - June 1962
Charles Hawthorne - July 1962 - Dec. 1965
Clarence Wozniak - Jan. 1962 - Dec. 1973
William Foulk, Sr. - Jan. 1964 - Dec. 1969
" - July 1972 - Dec. 1975
Emil Horvath - Jan. 1966 - Aug. 29, 1987
James Speer - Jan. 1970 - June 1974
Samuel Fisher -Jan. 1974 - Dec. 1985
William McFarland - Jan. 1982 - Dec. 1993
Richard Schuller - Jan. 1986 - to date
Harry Jones - Sept. 17, 1987 - Aug. 8, l987
Keith Miller - Aug. 29, l989 - Dec. 31, 1989
" -Jan. 1994 - Dec. 31, 1999
Ronald Greenawalt - Ja. 1990-Dec. 1995
John Jovenall - Jan. 1996 - May 12, 1998
Daniel Gardner - June 9, 1998 - to date
Bradley McAdams - Jan. 1, 2000 - to date


Helen Swank - Feb. 1968 - June 1971
Iva Kerrick - July 1971 - to date


J. G. Gault - No record
Ruth Creighton - ? - Dec. 1973
Mary Ann Foulk - Jan. 1974 - March 24, 1987
Barbara Eastman - April 2, 1987 - to date


According to the Census of 1850 the following occupations were listed of the population of 1,123:
1. Farmer, 2. Laborer, 3. Carpenter, 4. Millwright, 5. Sawyer, 6. Blacksmith, 7. Shoemaker, 8. Collier, 9. Stonemason, 10. Coal digger, 11. Stone cutter, 12. Ore digger, 13. Bar keeper, 14. Tavern keeper, 15. Plasterer, 16. Cooper, 17. Merchant, 18. Brickmaker, 19. Peddler, 20. Clerk

Clergyman: Daniel C. Reed
Doctor: James M. Jackson; C. S. Acheson
Teachers: Mary O. E. Aspey; Rachel Burgess; Mary E. Burgess; James Gailey; Wm. Stoffer; Charles Lutton


Radio Station WWIZ was established in 1972 until purchased by parent company of WPIC in Sharon.
In 1974 the township purchased 19 acres from Woodrow Wasson for $19,000. A township Municipal Building was built by T. Bruce Campbell Construction in 1980-81. Open House was August 23, 1981.Around the Municipal Building is a recreational park with: two ball fields, tennis courts, swing sets, merry-go-round and soccer fields.

In 1977 the township census was 2,489.
In 1990 the township census was 2,675 with 937 housing units.
In 2000 the township census was 2561


• Tri Lane Estates, Zahnizer Rd., Mercer - 1950
• Family Tenant mobile home park, Kirkland Rd., Mercer
• Willow Bend mobile home park, 1309 Bend Rd.
• Pennwood Estates, 6810 Frogtown Rd. - 1972
• Forrest Brooke mobile home park, 7266 W. Market St., Mercer - 1973

On May 31st., 1985, a series of tornadoes struck Northeastern Ohio and Northwestern PA. The village of Atlantic in Crawford County was hit first. The last one hit Lackawannock Township at about 7 P.M. having "touched down" near Niles, Ohio, and continuing 55 miles eastward. Several houses in Lackawannock Township were destroyed. Fortunately only one person, Marian Barnes, was killed. Unity Church had considerable damage. Township leaders had developed plans only months before in case of some emergency. They proved effective and worthwhile. Lebanon United Presbyterian Church was opened immediately as a recovery site. Shelter was provided as well as meals. It was a collection center for clothing and other items donated. With the help of other churches, community organizations and individuals, meals were served for over a week and were even delivered to those who did not wish to leave their premises. Although devastating, this tornado unified the Township as people worked together to help friends and neighbors.

Now, in the year 2000, Lackawannock Township continues to grow. New dwellings are being built in all areas of the township. The Census 2000 will reveal occupations quite different from those listed in 1850. However, Lackawannock Township is a great place to live!

The following military notes have been gleaned from the history of Lackawannock Township. Though there are others to whom we are indebted, these three have been particularly honored by their community, thus we make mention of them.

The William Hayes family farm was located on what is now the farm of Chester Janosky. They had seven children but our focus is on David, born April 6, 1832, in Lackawannock Township. He married Margaret Jane Watson on May 22, 1855. David attended Westminster College, taught school for a while and then turned his attention to agricultural pursuits, his father having given him 50 acres of land. In 1862 he enlisted in Company B, One Hundredth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry better known as the "Roundheads." He was shot by the enemy on February 5, 1865, Petersburg, Virginia, while doing picket duty. A letter filed in the Mercer County Historical Society, written by Sgt. F. W. Holmes, to David's father, explains to the family how he made arrangements for the body to be transported from Petersburg, Virginia, to Lackawannock Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, at a cost of $19.80. The closing lines of the letter read: "And at present can only hope that the sending home the Body rought and all as it was is approved by the friends of David whose loss is Sincerely regretted by the whole Company for he was a good soldier. An honest upright Man in all things. And a true moral man in all things."

James F. Stoner was born to Mr. & Mrs. Line Stoner on May 29, 1914, in Shenango Township, but was raised in Bethel in Lackawannock Township. He married Martha Arnella Minner. He served in the Army during World War II. He was killed in action in Germany on February 11, 1945, and is buried there. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6233 in West Middlesex is named after him.

Maurice (Maury) Edwin Garrett, Jr., was born on April 17, 1946, to Maurice and Mary Jane Garrett. He was raised in Lackawannock Township. He served in the Vietnam Conflict and was listed as a POW/MIA on October 22, 1971.

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