China-Burma-India Theater, World War II

There are not that many folks left - in earthly form - who were a part of the effort to end the conflict we know as World War II.  Here we have personal recollections of what it was like to serve, to fly, all the while unsure as to whether one would make it back home to family and country.

Military Musings Short tales of events in the CBI theater, recalled by Robert A. Stumpf
Jumping Over the Hump Flying over dangerously-high-and-wild Himalayas; writings by John Bartlett Ballou, Lt. James Lynch, and Roger D. Launius
Stumpy's LogBob Stumpf's personal recollections from military training*
Stateside Letters Home During radio training in 1943-44, Bob Stumpf corresponded with family in PA
Small Book About SookMission of the 1337th Army Air Force Base Unit at Sookerating - recalled by Lt. G.W. Bailey, S/Sgt W.R. England, F/O H.E. Gray, Flight Officer Kenneth L. Porter, F/O C.R. Call, and F/O George A. Mayer
Dear GrandsonLetter written by S/Sgt Elmer W. Jones, in the Sound Off newspaper, Jan. 29, 1946
Letter from WWII BuddyGermany here we come...You've been on oxygen for 4 hours. The altimeter shows 27,000 ft...It's 60 degrees below zero and you're sweating up a storm. To the right is a burst of flak.
Distant RecallBrief memories of the CBI theater

*   also submitted by Bob Stumpf to the Library of Congress under the Veterans History Project of the the American Folklife Center.
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